L R Donors kay 1The B.K. Kee Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to the development of vulnerable communities in and around Myanmar. The Foundation was founded in December, 2005, by Dr. Lay Khin Kay in memory of her mother, Kee Beng Kung (B.K. Kee). The Foundation typically makes small, strategic grants to community based organizations in the health and education sectors. The Foundation also operates a community based health clinic in South Dagon.

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The B.K. Kee Foundation's Mission

The Foundation's mission is to provide humanitarian aid, primarily in health and education, to all people of Burma. The Foundation seeks to advance this mission by:

  • Acting as a catalyst for self-sustaining programs;
  • Emphasizing direct or local support and/or partnerships with, or grants to, organizations with minimal administrative cost structures;
  • Not considering political, economic, or religious interests in assessing the people’s needs; and
  • Identifying and concentrating on needs and projects that have historically not been the focus of other charities and organizations.

The Foundation prefers to provide seed money for programs with a clearly articulated plan for continuing its mission without indefinite financial support from the Foundation.

Partner Spotlight


The B.K. Kee Foundation has been a supporter of CPI since it was known as the Global Health Access Program (GHAP). We share a common vision and often collaborate to serve the myriad health needs of some of the most vulnerable communities in Myanmar.

Individual Spotlight


Saw Myo Min Thu (Saw Kapi) is the Executive Director of our partner Thabyay Education Foundation. After working in the higher education sector in the U.S. for more than twelve years, he returned to Myanmar in February 2014 to lead Thabyay, one of Myanmar's leading civil society organizations and a long-time grantee of the B.K. Kee Foundation.

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