Past Grants

Since 2006, the Foundation has granted over U.S.11 million to advance its mission. The Foundation prefers to provide seed money for programs with a clearly articulated plan for continuing its mission without indefinite financial support from the Foundation. Where possible, the Foundation directly supports local community-based organizations or U.S.-based organizations with a demonstrated low, administrative expense structure. Reflecting its focus on humanitarian needs, past grants from the Foundation have been provided to diverse ethnic groups of Myanmar without regard to religious or political beliefs. The Foundation also believes that it can be most effective in areas overlooked by others, so it is especially interested in exploring programs and projects not ordinarily supported by larger non-governmental organizations. To that end, the Foundation has supported projects, including the following:

  • Construction of the B.K. Kee Dining Hall at Parami University.
  • Construction and operation of the B.K. Kee Clinic, a community clinic, in South Dagon, Yangon.
  • Construction of a library for school children in a remote, rural village in Myanmar.
  • Support for a design thinking program at Mawlamyine University.
  • Operational support for fifty schools serving Myanmar migrant children on the Thai/Myanmar border.
  • Teacher subsidies to over 4,600 teachers in Karen State in over 1,100 schools with over 102,000 elementary and secondary students.
  • Mobile health clinics serving approximately 29,500 people, including more than 5,300 families.
  • Reproductive health services project benefitting an estimated population of 60,000 people, including an estimated 12,000 women of childbearing age and 2,400 pregnancies a year.
  • Malaria control programs, employing early diagnosis and treatment, vector control and education, encompassing more than 20,000 people in Kachin State in Northern Burma, Karen State in Eastern Burma and near Mandalay in Central Burma.
  • Scholarships for promising scholars from Myanmar for undergraduate and graduate studies outside of Myanmar.
  • Scholarships for over 300 students on the Myanmar/India border to attend elementary, middle and high schools and universities and scholarships for girls from Myanmar to attend school in New Delhi, India.
  • Funding for curriculum development and publications in Karen and Burmese.
  • Emergency funding for malaria medication, vitamin A and de-worming medicine.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination program for Hep B positive mothers to stop vertical transmission

Health Grants

Our health grants to date of approximately U.S.$4,000,000 are primarily directed to local partners who are treating maternal, neonatal and child health, infectious diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV and malaria, and primary and emergency care. We are committed to building the capacity and capabilities of community based organizations working for the benefit of all the communities in Myanmar. Our current health partners include:

Burma Border Projects
Burma Children Medical Fund
Burma Medical Association
Community Partners International
Good Sleep Myanmar
Kachin Baptist Convention Health Dept.

Karen Dept. of Health & Welfare
Karenni Civil Health & Development Network
Mae Tao Clinic
Myanmar Liver Foundation
Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association

Our staff provides reproductive health trainings to local traditional birth attendants at the B.K. Kee Clinic in South Dagon.

Education Grants

Our educational grants to date of over U.S.$6,600,000 cover scholarships for promising students from Myanmar to study internationally, teacher subsidies to bolster the retention of experienced, local teachers in their communities, school supplies to over 122,000 students in over 1,200 schools in Karen State, curriculum development for context appropriate learning materials for the children of Myanmar, and many other programs. Our current educational partners include:

Children on the Edge
Karen Women Organization
Karen State Education Assistance Group

Social Action for Women
Thabyay Educational Foundation

Over 1,200 schools received school supplies distributed by our grantee, the Karen State Education Assistance Group. The Foundation has made grants to various organizations, including the following:

Brackett Foundation
Burma Border Projects
Burma Children Medical Fund
Burma Medical Association
Burmese Christian Community Church
Burmese Women's Union
Carleton College (for a school in Yangon, Myanmar)
Cetana Educational Foundation
Children on the Edge
Community Partners International
Drum Publication Group
Eastern Burma Schooling Project
Good Sleep Myanmar
Growing Together
IDE Myanmar (now Proximity Designs)
International Development Enterprises (IDE)
Myanmar (now Proximity Designs)
Karen Teachers Working Group/Karen State Education Assistance Group
Karen Women Organization
Karenni Civil Health and Development Network

Mae Tao Clinic
Medical Action Myanmar
Mon National Education Committee
Myanmar Foundation for Analytic Education
Myanmar Liver Foundation
Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association
Oakland Burmese Mission Baptist Church
Pacific Health Foundation

Parami University
Paung Ku Initiative (through Save the Children Myanmar)
pointB Design
Pre-Collegiate Program and Lumbini Academy in Yangon
Social Action for Women
Stanford University School of Medicine (for work in Myanmar)
The Save the Children Fund (for Myanmar)
Thabyay Education Foundation
Thirst Aid
Yinthway Foundation