Grant Seekers

The following information is for organizations that are not current grantees and have not been invited by our staff to submit a proposal. Reviewing the steps below will help you determine if your organization might be eligible for a B.K. Kee Foundation grant, and, if so, what our general application process is like.

Step 1.
Review information on our Grant Guidelines page to learn more about our eligibility requirements and the types of grants that we provide. In order to qualify for a B.K. Kee Foundation grant, your organization must serve the people of Myanmar and further our stated mission.

Step 2.
If after carefully reading our grant making guidelines and stated mission, you feel there is a strong match between your organization's work and the B.K. Kee Foundation’s mission, please fill out the Letter of Inquiry. We recognize the considerable time and effort spent by many non-profit organizations preparing materials for foundations. Therefore, we do not want you to prepare a full proposal for us unless there is a good possibility of working together.

Step 3.
After reviewing your Letter of Inquiry, and if we believe there is a significant possibility of working together, we will ask your organization to submit a formal application for eligibility which will include requirements to submit various documents to satisfy our due diligence policy and references.

Step 4.
If your organization is deemed eligible for a grant consideration after reviewing you submit the application for eligibility, we will invite you to submit a formal proposal for funding.

Step 5.
The B.K. Kee Foundation staff reviews proposals on a continuous basis, and there is no specific application deadline. During the review process, we may contact your references and possibly schedule site visits or meetings. The culmination of this process for us is a presentation to our Board of Directors.

Step 6.
The Board of Directors makes final funding decisions.